by Max Bergen

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released May 13, 2014

thanks to Sandra Szabo for the fantabulous artwork,
for more of her work visit sszabo-art.tumblr.com



all rights reserved


Max Bergen Victoria, British Columbia

Welcome to my meadow among the mountains, where upbeat and heavy sounds hang out together. Compositional stylings reminiscent of an eternal battle betwixt calculation and expression. Maximum Burgundy is on the air...are you listening?

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Track Name: Video Game Medley 2
"Come I will end your emptiness" - Mitsuo (Persona 4)

We are living our lives, abound with so much information,
come on, let go of the remote, don't you know, you're letting all the junk flood in,
try to stop the flow, double clicking on the go,
but its no use I'm being consumed,
loading, loading, I'm reaching maximum capacity,
warning, warning, short circuit my identity
Track Name: Video Game Medley 3
"Show me your anger, Snake,
let it boil to the surface, let your fury flow freely,
anger begets anger,
show me your rage" - Raging Raven (Metal Gear Solid 4)

"You're not wearing shorts! What's wrong with you?
I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear,
but I've been pondering lately, how much longer will I be wearing shorts?"
- Youngster (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow)

"Its like my Ratata is in the top percentage of Ratatas"
- Youngster Joey (Pokemon Silver/Gold/Crystal)
Track Name: You're Not Here
Blue sky to forever
The green grass blows in the wind, dancing
It would be a much better sight with you with me

If you hadn't met me
I'd be fine on my own, baby
I never felt so lonely then you came along

So now what should I do?
I'm strung out, addicted to you
My body aches, now that you're gone
My supply fell through

You gladly gave me everything you had and more
You craved my happiness
When you made me feel joy it made you smile
But now I feel your stress

Love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no
And who has time for tears?
I never thought I'd sit around and cry for your love,
'til now
Track Name: Video Game Medley 4
"Barf, vomit, barf, barf, chuck, chuck,
drown to death in puke,
don't you think that's an incredibly masculine taunt to throw at you?"
- Puke (Earthbound)