A Turn Of Events

by Max Bergen

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released February 3, 2013

Clean vocals by: Jon McDonagh
Cover art by: Britta Follack
Additional vocals on "Who is the Milkman? (a Transient Comprehension)" by: Chris Kelly

All music written by: Max Bergen



all rights reserved


Max Bergen Victoria, British Columbia

Welcome to my meadow among the mountains, where upbeat and heavy sounds hang out together. Compositional stylings reminiscent of an eternal battle betwixt calculation and expression. Maximum Burgundy is on the air...are you listening?

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Track Name: Emotional Roller Coaster Tycoon
The power of illusion is demolished by the ferocity of curiosity, I am wading neck deep in who I think I am, am I the vessel? am I what's held within it? you're detrimental, am I the vessel or am I what's held within it? I can't tell anymore, holding my breath as I accept the risk set out before me, what lies beyond the veil must be brought to light, breathing's ever fleeting, soon we are sleeping, but never dreaming, breathing ever fleeting, soon we are sleeping, but never dreaming, breathing ever fleeting, sleep but never dream, destruction seems inevitable, the tales they tell are true, the consequence is pitiful, a forgotten me, and a forgotten you, what lies beyond the veil must be brought to light, for me to stay on track, I'm taking one step (there's a 50/50 chance) forward two steps back, one forward, two steps back
Track Name: Let's Change The Subject
Let's change the subject, I remain covert, invulnerable and inert, do I believe my own alibi? forever in a state of distraction, too terrified to be left alone with my own thoughts, cut me off from the rest of the world, cut me off from the rest of the world, dusting off my bloody knee's, I shake my head and try to see more clearly, so fucking blind from this disease, I need to wake up, I need my eyes open severely, take a step back with me, craving the acidic contact, I flee, I flee, I'm free, momentarily escaping gravity, contradicting thoughts, is this balance or an abnormality? every moment, well spent, hard as I try, just the same as those wasted, pass right on by, turn the lights off, my skin crackles and dries, yet lacking sustenance, my soul withers and dies, emptiness in my eyes, why do I fake it for the camera when I'm the only one watching?
Track Name: Going Through The Motions
Track Name: Who Is The Milkman? (A Transient Comprehension)
Sedate my discerning eye and my creative energy cripples, all seems static, I am numb to the ripples, stage direction: this is how you feel, consuming plague, you kneel, mindless chatter amplified, fear interrupts doubt, lock your doors, petrified, the latest hit tragedy is out, the latest hit tragedy is out, I bet you got problems too, there is no hope for you, this is serious business don't you know, so keep your narrow vision fixated on the assembly line, your humanity will be paraphrased, regulated, and sold back to you
Track Name: On The Verge Of A Collapse
This feeling runs deeper than I'd like to admit, I must repress, for the box that I'm in disallows me from being upset, no, let's compare stats, shall we? then I'll discredit you, and you'll discredit me, I can't believe you were so easy to deceive, but the truth is, but the truth is, you were just waiting for your fucking turn to speak, don't you see? these empty words are killing me (I don't know if we've exchanged anything, I don't even know if I've explained anything) ever so slowly, blaming my lack of direction on others, I briefly glimpse the acceptance of self, this feeling of being molded to be aimless, so enticed by, so enticed by, by a quick fix, by a quick fix, I can fix this, I can fix this