by Max Bergen

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released August 18, 2013

Clean vocals performed by Jon McDonagh, Richard Peddie, and Alec Young on tracks 2,3, and 4 respectively

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All music written by: Max Bergen



all rights reserved


Max Bergen Victoria, British Columbia

Welcome to my meadow among the mountains, where upbeat and heavy sounds hang out together. Compositional stylings reminiscent of an eternal battle betwixt calculation and expression. Maximum Burgundy is on the air...are you listening?

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Track Name: Control Test
I am indifferent, taking comfort in my insignificance, as the world carries on, adamant, like ocean breaths that wash away my foot prints, leaving nary a whisper, but what the fuck do I know? I'm just some kid with an anger issue
Track Name: A Raw Blink On Hari-Kiri Rock
I am drifting further from what I need, pressing so hard my fingers start to bleed (start to bleed me dry) why won't they listen to me? (strip away my dimensions) it's torture to know that they can see everything (they can see right through me) I was so convinced I'd opened up, your hypothetical judgments eat me from the inside out, and you could never live up to my standards (I've completely forgotten the point of this all) because you would try to redefine my answers, I've completely forgotten the point of this all, when my existence relies on your attention span, you simplify my being down to my obsession with being heard, support my shell, and validate what I'm doing with my life, I am begging you
Track Name: The Illusion Of Craving Disaster
In this ethereal prison, days seamlessly merge, I am reluctantly content, resistance and submission converge, I'm restless, fear of stagnation cripples all mobility, building up pressure, a loss for words topples down on me, crawling on all fours, only see closed doors, wash me away, finding the shoreline intertwined turns the sky to gray, falling through floorboards, hitting the wrong chords, don't want to stay, confined to this place (why do crave the things we hate?) don't want to stay, on the narrow and straight (why do we crave the things we hate?) do I have a say? or must I forever relive this same day? (why do we crave unwanted pain?) I don't want to stay, I must not allow this place to stake claim to my essence, I've learned my lessons, and now I'm starting to see, finally, that just maybe, I have more of a hand in this than I'd like to admit, I'll do whatever it takes, I don't want to stay, trapped in a time-sink, of monotony, what can I do all by myself with nothing and no one else? I'm restless, I'm restless, what can I do all by myself? with nothing and no one else
Track Name: Wanna Go Shave A Dog?
I am praying for anything to go wrong, so here's to holding on, to holding off the high tide, I am flawed by design, exhausting all my resources in no time at all, would you walk with me down these empty city streets? counting my steps, holding my breath, losing my sight, and my fear of heights, sure footed, I follow you, I see what you're getting at, but not where you're going to, clear headed I follow through, picking up pieces that I know not with what to do, counting my steps, holding my breath, losing my sight, and my fear of heights, let's go, immobilized by my option paralysis, and further hindered by my over analysis, I am praying for anything to go wrong