Max Bergen

by Max Bergen

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released October 11, 2012

All music written by: Max Bergen



all rights reserved


Max Bergen Victoria, British Columbia

Welcome to my meadow among the mountains, where upbeat and heavy sounds hang out together. Compositional stylings reminiscent of an eternal battle betwixt calculation and expression. Maximum Burgundy is on the air...are you listening?

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Track Name: Baba Yaga's Circus
Enter the black woods, salvation lies within this forest, salivation lies within this forest, treetops blot out the sun and shroud my lair, my legged cabin spins and screams for thee, your mother and father aren't here to save you now, you have made your last despicably cute remark, Baba Yaga shall feast upon your flesh, I craft a circus from your remains, dried skin stretches into trampolines fastened with your sinew, bones and intestines form a trapeze, you were trapped with ease, now I fill pools with your blood, may your putrid legacy be forever desecrated by my glorious creation, I hate you all
Track Name: Wander
White sky dripping, spires descend, draping a dormant landscape, replacing shadow with isolation, as the crumbling ruins seem ever more fitting, motionless fog grips the echoes of my every thought, I've seen this place before, but never so disturbingly vivid, how did I get here? sanity slips away, the skyline and horizon meet without seem, sigils signal a forbidden magick's presence, I fear this is more real than my previous existence, loneliness and desperation overwhelm, behold the maddening emptiness that I must now, and forever, wander
Track Name: Abandon The Hive Mind
Pity's an angle, trading in a thought process for human connection and arrogance, I regret a compensational grasp at warmth, leaving me stripped bare, stripped bare, I enable a fleeting moment, generosity deteriorates, generosity deteriorates, I become a cold and sharpened polygon, and I, I become cold, and then consumed, grief strikes without mercy, replaying in my head again and again, again and again, I enable a lasting moment, I am unstable, and I know this isn't over, I have to gather myself and carry this weight, I have to push aside this boulder, and bask in the light it hid from my sight
Track Name: Valtiel Awaits
Track Name: Thwarting Orochi
Vacant eyes see empty space hidden within oneself, emitting aggression while unknowingly craving the opposite, now I, now I know I see through your expression, past the front, past the front, putting up your walls to be torn down, be torn down, none of this makes sense to me anymore, feel the fear, feel the fear taking hold of me, I take hold of you, feel the fear, face it head on and live on through, mistakes were made, but it's no use chasing figments, reality checks in, coming crashing down, a rude awakening, we break it in, I'm going all out, you know I spill myself open, for you, more than anyone, I'm going all out, I'm going all out
Track Name: Greys Gaze
They observe our calculated behaviours with technology beyond our knowledge, we are being watched, we are surveyed from every angle, we are captive in their zoo, do not feed the animals, we are starved of vital information, our cognitive abilities suffer, mind manipulation is the name of the game, sensory over stimulation makes us susceptible for them to program our brains, our individuality, they lay to waste, our individuality, they lay to waste, eeeeeYAAAAA FUCK (we're all slaves, we're all the same) I will not become a slave, no I, I will not become a slave, become a slave
Track Name: Last Chance To Dance
Past the point of no return, salt burns my fractured flesh, overwhelmed with pressure, the walls crash, glass shatters, glass shatters as I watch heartbroken, I watch heartbroken, I watch heartbroken as my love flees the sinking ship, no, I am forced deeper into depths of the emocean, my infantile true essence rears its horrid head, I vow to destroy it, the world must not know the evil that lurks within me, I cry out for her, for tonight the frigid waters fill my lungs, my lungs, my love, I must sacrifice myself, I must not let my plague escape, I feel at home in this darkness, here I was born, so here I shall die
Track Name: Clear!
Track Name: Felines And B Lines
Empty eyes wait in anticipation, shrouded in shadow, craving the life it stalks, the unfortunate victim, just another prize to throw away, so now this is the end, this is what you've been waiting for, the end of the line, all that's yours shall now be mine, sealed fate, feeding off fear and hate, you must die so I can live on in this perpetual state, full circles stay spinning, all is well, never ending compensation for existing as a shell, you can't retain her, the sword is mightier than the pen, the torment that taunts her forces her to kill again
Track Name: Slaves Unto Mantorok
The corpse god awaits, festering and plotting, although encased in his tomb, we remain vulnerable to his manipulation, causing sanity to deplete, walls to bleed, children to weep, burrowing deep into my psyche, I feel my consciousness deteriorate, the keeper of The Ancients gnaws at my very soul, magickal energy binds his physical form; but, chaos is the natural order of things, for you see, we are all slaves unto Mantorok, helpless to his orchestration, multiple timelines weave to ensure the mutual destruction of his foes, he lies outside of our understanding of dimensions and time, we are all at his mercy, we are all at his mercy, mercy
Track Name: House Of Mirrors
Hideously distorted reflections, my brain shorts out, enter: state of possession, I depress from feelings of oppression, the ceiling drops, there's no way to get out, I cling to fear, gasping for air from doubt, oh this is more than I asked for, get away from me, why am I getting put through this? fuck it all, I can't believe this is real, and now I am fighting to not get pulled under, letting go of everything I can, is that wrong? here's to moving on, sometimes I feel like a house of mirrors, light speed thought and perspective changes rage on, and on, rage on, the paradigm flipped and landed on its edge, if only my reflection lined up with my projection, I wouldn't fear the house of mirrors, the house of mirrors, the house of mirrors shatters and reforms into a shrine of worship, this progression seems so nonsensical, my thread of logic is burning from both ends, so meet me in the middle and see me as multiple sides, that unify as I decide whether to die alone and cold, or being grateful for all of the warmth that I can hold